Smeg Washing Machines / Dryers

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Attention to detail, user-friendliness and optimum performance: these are the standout features of Smeg washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers.

The extensive washing machine collection covers all of your requirements and varies in terms of load capacity, size and performance.  As well as standard machines, the Smeg laundry range includes machines with a load capacity of 9kg, or slimline 45cm or top-loading machines for those with only limited space available.

Various Colour Avaliable on Selected Models. View our brochure at the top to view options

Due to large product range, items are per order

Silver WM128SSA
Free Standing Washing Machine
Ice White LST127
Fully Integrated Washing Machine
Staineless Steel WMF147X
Free Standing Washing Machine
Retro Style LBB14RO
Pastel Pink Free Standing Washing Machine
Retro Style LBB14AZ
Pastel Blue Free Standing Washing Machine
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