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Terms and Conditions

Please see below for all Hashtag Direct Solutions Terms and Conditions

Hashtag Direct Solutions has set terms and conditions for all products sold. These Terms & Conditions are:

  • All Hashtag Direct Solutions and third party terms and conditions apply

  • By Accepting a quote or invoice you acknowledge that Hashtag Direct Solutions will not be held liable for any loss or damages of any kind that may accrue from subsequent use of goods sold

  • All products Distributed and sold by Hashtag Direct Solutions are placed under warranty for 3 months only

  • Any damaged caused by miss use of the product will not be covered by this warranty

  • Any items submitted for repairs will be assessed for tampering. Any Tampering with any product will automatically cancel the 3 month warranty

  • Any parts which may need to be ordered in after the 3 month warranty will be for the cost of the client. A selection of parts are carried by Hashtag Direct Solutions.

  • Hashtag Direct will not provide any replacement of any product to you while you product is being repaired

  • All Geysers in need or services or repairs are to be bought to the office

  • Call out Fees are Applicable for all repairs out of office

  • Hashtag Direct Solutions has the right to not release any product until all payments have been made and cleared into Hashtag Direct Solutions Account.

  • Hashtag Direct Solutions can only provide estimated arrival dates of good ordered. Hashtag Direct Solutions will not take any responsibility of delayed arrivals which may be caused by third parties that cannot be controlled by Hashtag Direct Solutions

  • Quotes are valid for 24hrs Only unless agreed in writing from Hashtag Direct Solutions

  • All pre ordered items are to be collected from Hashtag Direct Solutions offices within 48hrs of goods arrival. After which $10 per day storage fees will apply.

  • All specials advertised by Hashtag Direct solutions may be canceled without warning by Hashtag Direct Solutions

  • ALL Prices may vary without warning due to changes in exchange rates

  • All Pre Orders are NOT refundable unless is writing by Hashtag Direct Solutions. Hashtag Direct Solutions may choose the percentage refundable if applicable.

  • All products purchased are NOT refundable unless in writing by Hashtag Direct Solutions. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the product purchased fulfills their requirements 100%

  • Any changes made to any areas after a site inspection is completed which may affect the performance of a product is for the responsibility of the client. Hashtag Direct Solutions takes no liability to any changes you may implement after a site inspection is completed.

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